How to Fix Basic Issues with Your Computer? PC Troubleshooting Tips for Beginners

Although computers make our work easier, it starts troubling at times. Problems may arise when you install a new software or program. As a result, your computer may become slow or stop working at all. If this happens, you can follow a few troubleshooting steps to restore the performance of your system.

First of all, check if a recently installed program is the main reason behind your troubles. It may affect the performance of your PC if the installation has not been done properly. If so, go to Control Panel to uninstall that program.

Note: if you find it difficult to boot your system with the program installed, then you can do it in the Safe Mode. You can refer to Windows Microsoft support doc for complete procedure. If you want a computer expert to help you in the process, then an experienced team like Geek Squares can extend their help to you.

After uninstalling the program successfully, you can again install the program, following the right steps. A computer support team can also help you with the step.

Problems could also be due to outdated programs installed in your PC. In this case, you can search for online updates to upgrade the software. Sometimes, the updating the programs can restore the performance of your PC. So, if you need to install the updates or drivers, try to find the latest versions of the same. Latest software products are actually targeted against the normal glitches recorded in older versions.

You may come across these problems any time, so as a computer user, you should be able to fix a few basic glitches yourself. Here’s a basic guide to help you:

How to fix computer crashing?

Crashing is a common problem in desktops and laptops. Sometimes the crash is so severe that it affects the motherboard to an extent that you need to replace it, giving you a serious financial crunch. Loss of data is yet another thing that may hurt you.

So, whenever you find your computer crashing too often, you can fix the problem and save yourself from expensive damages. Following steps you can take to fix the crashing issue:

Get a bootable DVD/USB drive

First of all, you must have a bootable DVD/USB drive for Windows. You can also download Windows Boot Genius to install in your PC. Get a black DVD or USB drive ready while you are downloading the file. Once the download is complete, you can launch the program. This way you can make your Windows repair DVD/USB drive.

Boot using DVD/USB drive

Now it is the time to use your DVD/USB drive. Insert the DVD/USB in the right port. Restart the system, press F12 and Delete buttons to enter the BIOS settings. Change the settings to “Boot from USB drive.

Fix the problem

When the system starts booting up, Windows Boot Genius icon will appear. Click on that to start the process. Select Windows Rescue Module on the Home Screen. Many repair tools are available there. You can follow the prompts to fix the issue.

How to remove viruses, malware from your PC?

Viruses, malware and spyware are malicious programs designed by hackers to gain unauthorized access to your system, steal your personal information, disrupt your computer system, and other for other criminal activities. You can prevent this from happening by installing a reliable antivirus or internet security program in your computer. Antivirus programs allow you to scan your PC, find, block and remove all malicious programs.

Even if you face any difficulty with your PC, you can contact our 24*7 antivirus support helpline number ((800) 624-4491) to get the necessary support.

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