How to Install Antivirus Security onto My Windows Based Device

Computer users understand how important it is to have effective antivirus software to protect crucial data and information from security breach. If you don’t have antivirus software, you don’t need to go here and there in search for a good one. Here’s a quick guide to help you download and install one for complete security.

First of all, choose one antivirus to protect your PC. Norton antivirus can be a good option. You can easily install this antivirus program with a simple guide.

How to install Norton antivirus

Norton 360 antivirus is complete software security suite, developed by Symantec. The package includes security firewall, an antivirus program, phishing program and backup. Norton differs from other security suites in a way that they perform well and offers file backup capabilities. Purchasing Norton security package offers complete security to your computer. Here’s important information on Norton installation, including obtaining product key and how to install. Follow the steps below:

Step: 1: Uninstall any other security software already installed on your computer

  • Click on the Start button, and type Control Panel on the search bar. Click on Control Panel. In the control panel, open Programs and features (if using Windows 7 or Windows 8). A list of programs installed on your computer will open. Left-click on the software program you currently have, and click uninstall or remove.
  • If a popup window asking confirmation for uninstall opens, click yes to continue.
  • Restart your computer.

Step: 2 Get product key and download the software

  • Use this link to create your account:
  • Purchase the most suited Norton product.
  • Click Norton 360 under Products. Then click on Click to View link. Note down your product key.
  • Click the Download button, in the Download column, to download the latest software on your PC.

Step: 3 Installation

  • Double-click the installed file to start installation.
  • Click on User-License Agreement after reading it thoroughly. Click on Agree.
  • Follow the command as prompted, Enter product key. Finish installation.

If you face any problem while downloading, installing or updating your Norton or any other antivirus program, call Geek Squares technical team for assistance. Technical experts are always available to take your call. Dial (800) 624-4491 to talk to the concerned person to get your problem resolved quickly. In addition, you can also take their assistance to get your computer fully scanned for any virus, malware or spyware that can cause security breaches.

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