Norton Security 2017 – A General Review

Norton Security Antivirus is a household name now. Offering better protection against viruses, malware, spyware and other online threats, this Symantec product is one of the highly reliable internet security systems available these days.

The latest Norton Security combines the features of the highly reliable Norton Antivirus, Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security – now all encompassed in one super pack.

As the online landscape has changed with the increasing instances of threats and cybercrime, Symantec has adapted its product to provide users with a full security suite that can ensure online safety. A powerful tool, it offers robust safety feature, mobile device protection (Norton Mobile Security), malware protection, automatic backup, parental control, and other features.

Let’s review the Norton Security 2017:


  • High protection and detection scores
  • A reliable software
  • Doesn’t affect computer speed
  • Integrated firewall

Norton Security is known for impressive features, but its long installation and update cycles may be a thing to consider. Overall, it is an excellent security product, offering a variety of options tailored for different types of users. It is compatible with almost all popular Operating Systems (except Linux) and devices.

Norton Security 2017 is available in different versions – basic, standard, deluxe and premium.

While basic and standard ones are fine for home users, deluxe and premium ones are feature-rich, good for business environment.

Norton Security Deluxe

  • A powerful security tool that protects Windows PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices with a single license.
  • Ensures strong malware protection, phishing protection, identity and online protection, with minimal system impact.
  • Mobile users get alerts about risky apps before download.
  • Users can get 24/7 on call customer support.

Norton Security 2017 Key Features:

User interface and scan option:

  • Norton Security offers a clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Quick or thorough, you can perform any scan with a simple click of your mouse.
  • Boasts a patented scanner, offering protection against phishing, scams, viruses, malware and others.
  • A prominent thing is that Symantec offers a virus-free guarantee as long as you sign up for an automatic renewal. It means, if Norton product could not rid your system of viruses, you will be refunded by the company.

Offers 4 scan selections:

Quick scan:

Examines key areas of your PC where potential threats may be found. It doesn’t scan the entire PC, so takes less time to run. Norton runs a quick scan during idle time when there is a definition update.

Full system scan:

Full system scan runs to detect all types of malware and security threats. It performs deep scan to find and remove malicious programs. On running this type of scan with administrative privileges, all possible files are scanned for malicious programs.

Custom scan:

Custom scan runs on particular files, folders, drives and removable drives selected by you.

Custom task:

It runs Live Updates, backs up data, frees up disk space and optimizes disk volume.

You can start a scan again, even after the scan completes, if you suspect any malware still present in your system. At the end of every scan, you get a link that you can click to launch an aggressive malware-detection tool to protect your system.

Signature Based Malware Protection:

This is the basic element of malware protection. Norton detects and blocks a known malware, offering you complete protection.

Behavioral Malware Blocking:

  • This is an excellent security feature with heuristic and behavior detection patterns. Norton is the Next Gen malware protection tool that can stop zero-day malware – malware which is still not documented and stored in signature database.
  • When a malware tries to detect a crucial file, the anti-malware software raises an alert and aborts the process. Norton offers a good solution for real-world conditions. Norton Security also analyzes non-blacklisted sites heuristically for any signs of threat.
  • This antivirus tool is extremely accurate and doesn’t red flag valid sites.



  • Norton Security offers excellent anti-phishing feature.
  • The in-built anti-phishing tool is extremely effective, offering multi-layer protection against fraudulent sites that attempt to steal your personal information and sensitive data.
  • Norton Security uses a “blacklist” tool – means, if a site is reputed to be a fraud, it reports it as such.

Ransomware protection:

  • Norton offers ransomware detection, not protection. It is reliable, because the product detects any ransomware before it can cause any damage. It can pick up on ransomware files, but cannot block them.

Parental control:

Parental control is a great feature that allows you to restrict the internet access for your children. In addition, the parental control tool also sends you real-time notifications about your children’s actions. Thus, you can educate them about healthy browsing habits, using good online apps and social networks.

Overall, Norton Security offers better protection to your Mac, iOS, Android and Windows device. If you want to protect your system from cyber threats, phishing and other malicious programs, Norton is a logical choice.

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